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Wind Cover-FH2

product description
It is mainly applicable to extruders and die casting machines. It is composed of several heaters with cooling system connection. According to the application requirements, the main components can be combined into a system in layout and number, because the extrusion cylinder is completely Coverage, there is a uniform temperature change, and then expand the heat radiation surface, and make the efficiency increase. It also eliminates the frictional heat caused by the extrusion. According to the different temperatures required for production, it consists of several connected strip heaters, which are connected by T2 copper radiators and then mounted by a separately fixed cooling jacket. It can be installed with a fan connection box and an air outlet device, which can be replaced individually. The maximum temperature that the heater can withstand is 500°C. It is one of the most advanced heating and cooling devices for extruders and injection molding machines at home and abroad. It is recommended that this heater be used for mechanical processes that require very high temperature control: The stainless steel hood is cut, rolled, and punched with stainless steel 304 according to the customer's model size. Place the thermocouple holes into the air inlet, the air outlet and the Huff outlet. The heater is then fitted into the housing in a well-fitted manner.

Features: beautiful craftsmanship, reasonable use

Related attributes:
Brand: flying month
Fitting name: Stainless steel hood
Material: 201,304
Model: Standard
Range of use: various heaters

Material display:

304  High temperature plate

Hexagon socket stainless steel screw

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