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Ceramic electric coil-CE3

Performance and use:
1. The ceramic electric heater is a highly efficient uniform heater with a highly conductive metal alloy that ensures uniform hot surface temperatures and eliminates hot and cold spots on the equipment. With long life, good insulation properties, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, magnetic field and other advantages. The thermal insulation device will be added to the outer radiating surface, and the inner radiating surface will be sintered in infrared light, thus saving 30% of the electricity.
2. One way is to wrap the alloy wire in a small ceramic block and externally cover it with a stainless steel shell. Widely used in plastic machinery, chemical fiber machinery.
3. One is to cast the alloy wire in a semiconductor made of quartz glass as a raw material. With high temperature (up to 1200 degrees), anti-corrosion, beautiful, wear-resistant characteristics. Widely used in high temperature heating furnace, semiconductor engineering, glass, ceramics and wire engineering.
4. The ceramic heater adopts the way of general mica winding instead of ceramic wire, so the power of this product is 0.5--1.5 times higher than the ordinary one. The heating element is an imported round wire that is wound into a ceramic strip and wound into a spring shape. The cover is made of stainless steel, and a high-temperature heat-insulating cotton (aluminum silicate fiberboard) is used in the middle to prevent temperature leakage. Ceramic strips are high-frequency ceramics with rapid heat transfer, hard and non-breakable, high temperature deformation and aging characteristics.
5. The ceramic electric heater is a highly-long-life heater, and the ceramic heater can adapt to the increasingly high working temperature demand in modern industry, especially chemical fiber, engineering plastics, electronics, medicine, food and various Pipeline heating and so on.
6. The ceramic heater consists of a spiral type resistance wire through specially designed high-temperature resistant ceramic tiles. It is composed of precision extensions. The flexible, beautiful metal shell ceramic fiber constitutes the heat insulation layer. Forms an effective high temperature, high power density, ribbon heater, and is designed to be flexible and easy to install.

Performance advantages:
This product has the advantages of light weight, flexible installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and no restriction on the size and size of the model.
product structure:
This product is made of high-temperature plate as the shell, which has a high degree of insulation and fire resistance in the ceramic put on the resistance wire, and then mechanical twisted type, connected to the power, you can use.

Ceramic electric ring main technical parameters:
1, the use of imported high-temperature ceramic bar, white ceramic appearance, hard and unbreakable, fast heat transfer, the temperature up to 1200 °C.
2. The use of high-temperature insulation wool (aluminum silicate fiberboard) between the cover and the ceramic strip can save about 10% power.
3, imported high-temperature heat line, with fast heat, heat evenly, high temperature and other characteristics. It can be used at 600-800°C for a long time.
4, in line with national GB technical requirements. Power deviation +5%~-10%.
5, electric strength: After voltage 3000V/50Hz sinusoidal alternating voltage test, no breakdown phenomenon by 1MIN.
6, the introduction of foreign production technology, professional production, usually more than three years.

Material display:

304 High temperature resistant plate

95 Porcelain ceramic strips

High-temperature ceramic strip

Pure nickel high temperature wire

Nickel-chromium heating wire

High frequency porcelain terminal

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