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Copper heater-TE2

Copper heating ring is a kind of product processed and manufactured using the latest advanced technology.With the beautiful appearance, reasonable design, long service life, it can save the number of replacement and improve the production efficiency of the injection molding machine.

1. Using high-quality high temperature mica board, with high temperature resistance, good insulation properties.
2. High-quality heat-resistant heating wire, with fast heat dissipation, uniform heat dissipation, and high temperature resistance.
3. Fasten with hexagon socket bolts, reliable and easy to install.
4. The shell is made of high-quality copper, which makes the heat-generating elements have a good thermal conductivity, a beautiful surface, and has the advantages of uniform heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.
5. It is totally enclosed to prevent the plastic injection nozzle from leaking.

II. Main technical indicators
1. Conditions of use: Ambient temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
2. Electrical strength: After 1200V/50HZ sinusoidal alternating current withstanding voltage test, no breakdown occurred in 1MIN.
3. Leakage current: <0.5mA
4. Cold insulation resistance> 50MΩ
5. Grounding resistance <10Ω
6. Degree of temperature resistance: The surface temperature on the machine can reach 500°C without burning.
7. Power deviation: ±5%

Material display:

Unbleed copper tube

High temperature resistant wire

France imported heating wire

Water-based insulating sleeve

Natural mica plate

High frequency needle

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