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· K, J, E thermocouples are carefully designed and manufactured by our company. This series of products comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, technical performance can replace the same modern equipment and high-tech fields, but also suitable for complete sets of equipment maintenance and replacement or complete sets of export projects and supporting technical transformation projects
· Thermocouples and display instruments, etc., automatic detection or automatic adjustment of gas, liquid medium or solid surface temperature within a certain range of use. Widely used in plastic machinery chemical machinery, food machinery and other industries
·Features: less thermal response time, less dynamic error
Large measuring range, high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance, easy to use, etc.
·Working principle: The electrode of thermocouple consists of two different conductor materials. When there is a temperature difference between the measuring end and the reference end, a thermoelectric potential is generated, and the working instrument shows the temperature value corresponding to the thermoelectric potential. The temperature measuring principle of the thermocouple
Two kinds of same conductor (called thermocouple wire or hot electrode), the junction temperature at both ends of the same way to generate potential, this phenomenon called thermoelectric effect. This potential is called thermal potential; thermocouples use this principle for temperature measurements. It is used directly as the measuring medium. The temperature end is called the working end (called the measuring end) and the other end is called the cold end (called the compensation end); the cold end is connected to the display meter or the supporting meter to display the meter.
The magnitude of the thermoelectric potential is independent of the length and diameter of the hot electrode itself, and is only related to the composition of the hot electrode material and the temperature at both ends. Therefore, various types of conductors or semiconductor materials can be used to make thermocouples for various purposes to meet the needs of different temperature object measurements.
Standard thermocouples refer to thermocouples whose national standards stipulate the relationship between thermoelectric potential and temperature, allowable errors, and have a unified standard indexing table. It has its own display instrument for non-standardized thermocouples to be used in The number is not as good as the standard thermocouple, and there is usually no uniform indexing table. It is mainly used for measuring certain special occasions.

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Various types of even heads

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Various types of even heads

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