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Application range:
Injection molding machines, extruders, wire drawing machines, ovens, assembly lines, ovens, and other machinery and equipment products that require the use of heat. (The product can be any shape such as a circle or a plate)
1. Energy-saving electric heating ring can directly replace the traditional injection molding machine thermal ring
2. Using aluminum alloy liner, the thermal efficiency is more than double that of the traditional injection molding machine.
3. Fast heating, good insulation effect, energy saving has little effect on ambient temperature.
4 voltage 110~380V AC and DC can be, 50/60HZ
5 product shelf life of 1-2 years, all the recovery of investment time in 2-3 months or so

1. Temperature 1200°C 2. Good insulation performance. Insulation resistance is greater than 100MΩ.
3. Light weight, thin thickness. Small size, large power. 4. It can be easily and easily designed into various shapes according to the needs, and the cost is low.
1. Various industrial sites, such as mold heating, plastic machinery, and other heating and drying devices.
1. Insulation resistance: ≥100 MΩ. 2. Withstand voltage: 1500V/1min. 3. Temperature resistance: 600°C. 4. Power deviation range: ±5%.
Technical Parameters:
1. Voltage ≤440V 2. Power 100~10000W 3. Operating Temperature -20~600°C 4. Size of Dimensions Designed according to customer requirements

Material display:

High-quality foil high-temperature board

Plaster cast

Nickel-chromium heating wire

Stainless steel connector

Silicone Line

Copper pull

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