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◆Product introduction: Nano far-infrared energy-saving electric heating coil is an electric heater that uses high-resistance electric heating wire to generate heat, and generates far-infrared rays through a quartz far-infrared radiator to heat the material tube of plastic processing machinery. The electric heating coil has high thermal efficiency, good energy saving effect and low surface temperature, and is currently an advanced heater used for heating the barrel in the plastic machine industry.
     The conversion efficiency of electric heating is as high as 99.8%;
     Infrared radiation heating mode, unidirectional radiation;
     The surface temperature is as low as 35 degrees, which improves the working environment;
     The energy saving rate is as high as 30%-68%;
     Simple installation, can directly replace the existing electric heating coil;
     Using all stainless steel structure, the service life is as long as 8 years.
◆Specification range: According to the size of the model, tailor-made.
◆Scope of application: Injection molding machines, wire drawing machines, extruders, ovens, assembly lines, ovens and all other products that require heat energy. (The product can be in any shape such as a circle, a plate, etc.)
1. The far-infrared nano energy-saving electric heating coil can directly replace the traditional injection molding electromechanical heating coil.
2. Using aluminum alloy inner tank, the thermal efficiency is more than double that of the heating coil of the traditional injection molding machine.
3. The temperature rises quickly, the heat preservation effect is good, and the energy saving has little effect on the ambient temperature.
4. The operating voltage is 110-380V, both AC and DC, 50/60HZ.
5. The product has a shelf life of 2 years, and the total investment recovery time is within 3-5 months.

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