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Mica Ring-MR10

The heating ring is used in plastic molding, plastic granulation machinery, heating elements on die-casting machinery, rich heater manufacturing experience, scientific selection of materials and product process design according to the specific use environment of the equipment, improving the safety and long life of the heating elements.
Technical Parameters:
1, heater size: on demand
2, heater material: copper, SUS430, SUS304, cast aluminum, cast copper, ceramics
3, input power: on demand

1. Adopt imported raw materials to ensure the high temperature conditions of the components
2, using a special manufacturing process to increase the cooling effect of the components
3, good electrical performance, to meet the safety requirements of equipment
4. Leading production process in electric heating industry to ensure long service life of electric parts

Material display:

High temperature resistant plate

Copper pull

High quality natural mica board

High temperature resistant wire

Ferrochrome aluminum wire (flat wire)


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