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The technical conditions of electric heating film heating materials into the ground heating market.

Publication time:2016-5-24

The electric heating film is the core material in the electric heating system. In general, it is embedded in the end structure of the ground heat dissipation. The special application environment of the electrothermal film determines that the electric heating system has higher requirements for the electrothermal film, mainly including 3 aspects: the properties of the heating material, the product structure of the electrothermal film and the construction technology of the electric heating.

Properties of heating materials

The main function of electrothermal film is one or several conductive substances in many materials. These substances play a role individually or in coordination. They are collectively referred to as heating materials or conductive materials. The material properties of heating materials determine the basic properties of electrothermal film, such as electrothermal conversion efficiency, anti-oxidation aging ability, power attenuation and so on, which can not be fundamentally changed. In January 1, 2011 the implementation of the industrial standard of the construction of "low temperature radiation electric heating film" is based on the heating material of different materials, according to the international popular material classification method, the electrothermal film is divided into metal and inorganic non metal matrix, polymer (conductive) 3 "category.

product mix

The inherent deficiency of material can be made up to a certain extent through reasonable product structure design and processing technology, and excellent material performance will also fail to play its due role due to defects in product structure design and backward production process. The electrothermal film heating material in the product selection and synthesis process, substrate material selection and processing, and the design of electrodes and conductive materials with heating, coating or printing technology, terminal and connection mode is a key factor affecting the performance of the electric heating film even around.

construction technology

It is the basic guarantee for the electric floor heating system to achieve "safe operation, simple operation, good effect and no malfunction". Different types of electric heating film and different product structure of the same type of electrothermal film should be strictly complying with the state or industry standard, and formulate corresponding application technical regulations according to the characteristics of their own products. Because national level or industry level regulation can only stipulate "mandatory terms and technical requirements", and specific technical measures are often different due to the difference of products and processes of enterprises. For example, according to the regulations of the national building electrical safety, the residual tripping current of the electric heating system user leakage protector should be 30 ma. For this requirement, different electric heating membrane enterprises should have different countermeasures, otherwise the electric heating film will not be applied to the electric heating system.

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